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Orchestral flow (Waiting for the storm to break) – mixed media on canvas 100cm x 80cm

Orchestral flow (Waiting for the storm to break) – mixed media on canvas 100cm x 80cm

So, the world is a strange place right now, a new anxiety inducing reality for the foreseeable future. I am someone who is considered to be a key worker working in the community; going out, playing viral roulette. It’s all a bit mad, but hey, interesting fuel for the creator of anxiety based paintings…

Orchestral Flow (Waiting for the storm to break) has 3 main representational characters. The large ‘orange’ dragonesque/walrus has the green dragonesque pinned down or crushed. Is the orange character sick? Its eyes look dolefully at the green character; are they in fact post coital lovers or are they both sick (the bottom third of the painting reads that they are ill)? The erect green dragonesque head is about to receive what looks to be a virus from a black and white dread devil…

The two headed bird is representational of the Raven and the bat. Culturally, the raven is associated with death - more specifically with an aftermath of a bloody or significant battle. The bat; Coronaviruses, and other virus families, it turns out, have been co-evolving with bats for the entire span of human civilization, and possibly much longer. It is my understanding that bats have evolved into perfect virus blenders and are the perfect mammals for virus carriage; they are the only mammals who can fly. The bat’s presence is also said to be the reason why Covid emerged at a Wuhan ‘wet market’; by all accounts an appalling place to be if you are an animal…

The outer composition has the black and white dread devils spewing out virus on the search for host cells to infiltrate. The second reading of the dread devils is the spreading of anxiety, panic and fear. The Raven/bat could be seen to be orchestrating the spread of the dread devil’s plague.

I believe Mother Nature is fighting back against its own virus…us, humanity. We have seen global warming (capitalist industry), unprecedented flooding (deforestation/farming for capitalist reasons) and now a global pandemic (unsanitary slaughter of earth’s other sentient beings for the capitalist mass market). At least Mother Earth will be breathing better now cars are off the road and big business is mothballed…

Stay safe everyone…

Love Greg

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