Orchestral flow (Waiting for the storm to break) – mixed media on canvas 100cm x 80cm

Orchestral flow (Waiting for the storm to break) – mixed media on canvas 100cm x 80cm www.cosmicwormhole.com So, the world is a strange place right now, a new anxiety inducing reality for the foreseeable future. I am someone who is considered to be a key worker working in the community; going out, playing viral roulette. It’s all a bit mad, but hey, interesting fuel for the creator of anxiety based paintings… Orchestral Flow (Waiting for the storm to break) has 3 main representational characters. The large ‘orange’ dragonesque/walrus has the green dragonesque pinned down or crushed. Is the orange character sick? Its eyes look dolefully at the green character; are they in fact post coital lov

You are the cub who was washed out to sea on a crimson tide...

As a self-defined biomorphic surrealist artist, who starts with a very loose idea and builds detail and layers, I thought I would start explaining some of the themes and narratives of my paintings. The standard theme throughout all of my paintings over the last few years are the ‘aquatic’ black and white creatures that circulate many of the main colourful characters. I have come to realise over time that the black and white creatures represent anxiety, painful thoughts and overthinking; I now consider them to be and call them dread devils. I feel that many of these ‘aquatic’ black and white characters look like a variation on deep sea marine life (such as angler fish and viper fish). I now c

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