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Blue period and some wormhole exposure...

Helter Skelter

so my work has a new presence online at Many thanks to John Yimmin who runs the site and maintains the collection in Pittsburgh USA, quite an honour to be part of it.

Cinnead sets fire to the stars

Some of you may well be wondering whether or not i have won some blue paint in a raffle or i am limited in some way? well let me tell you the latter is true but i am quite taken with the blue background, it seems to contrast all the other colours beautifully.

Over the coming weeks i am going to start interpreting my paintings and posting on the blog. All of my work has a duality; superficially we have the cosmic wormhole narrative that i aim to start telling, but underneath there is an existential angst and, unfortunately for me, a great disconnect...

yes friends, i am a miserable git, i think that's why i am drawn to the fantastic creatures and loud bright colours!

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