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2018 has been a very challenging year so far on many personal fronts. However, artistically I have been experiencing a great deal of relative success, culminating in my selection by Outsidein and Pallant House gallery to complete a commission based on the work of Scottie Wilson (

The commission really is a golden opportunity for me as its launch also takes place at the beginning of the European Outsider Artists conference, taking place at Pallant House Gallery, Chichester; where my work will be shown. I aim to 're-envision 5-6 pieces of Scottie's work for the show which will run from 4th May 2018 until the middle of June. Imagination wise, I have a lot in common with Scottie Wilson mid career, however my style is totally different; it will be interesting to see what I emit in response...Furthermore, I have also recently had my second expose by Raw Vision magazine via their Social Media platforms.

I have had fantastic support from 'digital' friends on Facebook; people I have never met in person but whom remain deeply interested in my work. I thank them for their encouragement...

The egoic self and the transmutation to the godless observer

I feel my latest work is as good as anything I have done before; if not better. I am really enjoying using iridescent paint for the backgrounds and feel that I am leaning towards a much richer narrative within the creations.

So onwards and upwards, towards the Cosmic Wormhole!

Cosmic Rodeo

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