The last pic before the BMI - 'Gesticulating on Hundertwasser'

well, this is my final painting before the BMI 'show'. for my colleagues from work, this little beauty is painted on the unloved generic landscape print that was saved by 'nigel' from death by binning. id not worked on canvas for the last 2 years as it had too much 'give' for my techniques. however, it was a joy not to be working on heavy MDF as this has its own pain in arse-ness. ive continued my matahog theme in this image and have included a couple of onlookers...

'Letting in the Light' review An intimate, glowing haven of wild colour and intricate detail illuminates Stratford High Street, London with a series of large light boxes featuring images of paintings, drawings, digital and mixed media work. – Kate Lovell visits 'Letting in the Light' Bobby Baker's Battle Hardened. Slicing upwards through the greyness of a February dusk, an array of glowing, colourful light boxes bring a warmth to this downbeat stretch of Stratford pavement. This is Bobby Baker’s latest offering, an exhibition entitled Letting in the Light which showcases the work of adults who have experienced mental distress. Public art is a difficul

First Solo Exhibition 01/04/16 - 30/04/16 @ Blackwood Miners Institute, Caerphilly

I've got my first solo exhibition at the BMI from 01/04/16. A small venue, i hope to have between 7 and 9 of my large pieces up and some prints for sale at the ticket office. I'm having my launch night 01/04/16 between 1800 and 2000. There will be some signed prints for sale, some free booze and i guess some kind of ill thought out speech by yours truly... all are most welcome...

Letting in the Light, Stratford, London 25/01/16 - 24/03/16

Above is my younger brother Kris keeping guard of my light box in downtown Stratford. This sweet opportunity to exhibit was a consequence of being November artist of the month on the Outside In website ( i was unable to attend the opening due to work committments, but the light boxes certainly gave the images a nice boost. My painting even made national news as event organiser Bobby Baker was interviewed in front of the 'monoliths' by BBC news...(there went my 15 minutes of fame)

Skemthrips and wormholes

Skemthrips are the keepers of wormholes, shaman of Mataghogs and warlocks of quantum sense. They are deeply mysterious creatures who can appear in many places at the same time. Skemthrip’s have longs tentacles or trunks that can connect many consciousness as one to solve great problems. Matahogs hold Skemthrips with particular high regard as they are able ‘mend’ Hogs who have weak elixir or whose quantum sense is ‘volatile’: ‘Skemthrip, Skemthrip and your eternal view, we ask you divine one what are we to do, Let your kind knowing limbs extend and seduce, cradle our psyche’s in your cosmic papoose.’ Once our psyche’s have all nestled in, search our collective and promote connecting, enable

Matahogs and the Cathexis ID

Matahogs and Matahoglets are beasts who produce the elixir or ‘milk of the multi-verse’. The elixir they produce is coveted across the universe for its quantum inter-dimensional effects on the user. it enables Cathexis ID’s and other creatures to fold space and travel through wormholes to predestinations of safety or discovery. Matahogs and their young are deeply soulful and peaceful creatures making deep existential considerations to what is to be a sentient being. They freely give their milk and the Cathexis ID live with them in their dwellings. the Hog’s are able to communicate through ‘quantum sense’ which is a type of telekinesis. Hogs are timeless beings and whilst they have little his

‘Matahoglet takes a midnight stroll to ponder life, death and dreams of swarfega’

The relationship between Matahogs and the Cathexis ID is completely symbiotic. Matahogs provide the greatest and safest elixir to enable the Cathexis ID and all other creatures to fold space and travel inter-dimensionally through space time wormholes. In return Cathexis ID’s cherish their Matahogs and worship their ability to produce the elixir through the milking of their psychedelic teets: ‘oh hog elixir of warp and life, cut through space and time like a thanatos knife, take me forward through the worm hole, with one more sip, space and time we fold.’ (A Cathexis ID folk mantra) The Cathexis ID, like most other inter-dimensional creatures are likely to physically change slightly through e

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