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A brief bio of your artist fiend, i mean friend of course...

why put the body where the body dont wanna go? - mixed media on canvas 118cm x 70cm

'In an infinite multiverse there is no such thing as fiction'

I'm Greg, social worker by day, Cosmic Wormhole and multiverse fantasist by night. I am a self taught artist originating from Hull in East Yorkshire; I have now returned to live in East Yorkshire after a 20 year triangular trip around the UK; Hull to London to Wales to Hull. About 3 years ago I had a stress-induced creativity eureka moment that has remained with me every day since. My art has filled an existential vacuum (as well as my house) and has become my vocation/obsession in life; I aspire that one day I will be able to live frugally as a pauper artist.

My themes are the things that deeply interest me in life. I seek spirituality in the wonder of the macro and micro universe; I am also invigorated by our relationships with animals. I try and infuse my fantastical work with the limited understanding I have in these complex subjects. I find it fascinating that our atoms are born in stellar nurseries and when we pass, our atoms disassemble and go on to form other things.

The theory of a multiverse (i.e. that our universe is but one in a sea of others) is at the centre of my work, as it provides an infinite source of themes. I have developed narratives around my pictures and characters, snippets of which provide part of the composition in my recent and ongoing work. Much of my work tries to speak of existentialism, emotional connection and filling the void of what it is to be human.

My work is surreal/abstract and character driven. I vary my technique and feel that my style is constantly evolving; Art Brut, Lowbrow, Horror Vacui and Tribal art are massive influences on my thinking and composition. I use paper collage, encaustic wax, acrylic paint, oil pastels, Modge Podge, paint pens, marker and pencil on canvas, wood and paper.

Nanoo Nanoo!!!

Greg Bromley

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