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The Multiverse Chronicles No.1

Wow, it has been a long time since i updated the cosmic wormhole. Since the last entry in May/June 2016 i have taken a new job and moved house! However, i haven't neglected my scrawls, just my website and internet profile (i am a very bad man for this!).

I have been spending a little time alternating my style trying to find the right balance, but i struggle to find space and continue to create dense images which are an assault on the eyeballses. my most recent work has taken about a fortnight or approximately 40 hours and is among the most detailed i have ever created. i personally love it, i feel there is a ton of energy packed into the work with new possibilities occurring at every viewing.

i intend to work backwards a little as i update the website with my work and exposure to the art world (ok my art world). so bare with, i will update regularly from now on!

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