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Skemthrips and wormholes

Skemthrips are the keepers of wormholes, shaman of Mataghogs and warlocks of quantum sense. They are deeply mysterious creatures who can appear in many places at the same time. Skemthrip’s have longs tentacles or trunks that can connect many consciousness as one to solve great problems. Matahogs hold Skemthrips with particular high regard as they are able ‘mend’ Hogs who have weak elixir or whose quantum sense is ‘volatile’:

‘Skemthrip, Skemthrip and your eternal view,

we ask you divine one what are we to do,

Let your kind knowing limbs extend and seduce,

cradle our psyche’s in your cosmic papoose.’

Once our psyche’s have all nestled in,

search our collective and promote connecting,

enable us all to solve our woe,

whilst you connect Hogs toe to toe.’

Skemthrips are key to a Hog’s development of quantum sense. By connecting Matahoglets at a young age, Skemthrips are able to instill the quantum connected blueprint for ‘the sense’. Hoglets then learn to hone these skills as they become older and wiser.

The sense is knowing beyond language and culture whilst it also rids Matahogs of desire. It is felt that quantum sense is directly involved in the ‘space folding’ nature of Matahog elixir. Quite how this occurs is a mystery as deep and old as space time itself:

‘From the sense to the elixir is wizardry true,

its magic known yet unknown too,

and all the while whilst creatures fold,

sense and elixir is a tale untold.’

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