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Matahogs and the Cathexis ID

Matahogs and Matahoglets are beasts who produce the elixir or ‘milk of the multi-verse’. The elixir they produce is coveted across the universe for its quantum inter-dimensional effects on the user. it enables Cathexis ID’s and other creatures to fold space and travel through wormholes to predestinations of safety or discovery. Matahogs and their young are deeply soulful and peaceful creatures making deep existential considerations to what is to be a sentient being. They freely give their milk and the Cathexis ID live with them in their dwellings. the Hog’s are able to communicate through ‘quantum sense’ which is a type of telekinesis. Hogs are timeless beings and whilst they have little historical physical culture they have passed on infinite memories to each other at birth and consequently remember the dawn of space time:

‘Come sit Hog, Come sit ID,

come listen to what your ancient fathers did,

since the dawn of space time, rock and life being,

Our memories never tired of deep time fleeting.’

‘Deep space time and the Hogs sentient amble,

Led to fascinations, fluctuations and the joys of interstellar gambol,

For Hogs recollections of the infinite host,

Is a Hog’s purpose most and calm quiet boast.’

Matahogs travel freely through the wormholes and have never been indigenous to any planet. Hog’s state that they evolved in stellar nursery’s and during early wormhole travel, before the formation of planets. Matahogs can live for millennia and the oldest known Matahog still lives at the age of 27, 980 years old. This Hog’s elixir is particularly potent. Wormhole travel can be dangerous, even for Hog’s. The following is a mantra spoken by every Hog before any inter-dimensional leap:

‘Oh Multi-verse true,

Hog’s serve only you,

Think wormhole spin calm,

Hog’s come to no harm.’

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