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‘Matahoglet takes a midnight stroll to ponder life, death and dreams of swarfega’

The relationship between Matahogs and the Cathexis ID is completely symbiotic. Matahogs provide the greatest and safest elixir to enable the Cathexis ID and all other creatures to fold space and travel inter-dimensionally through space time wormholes. In return Cathexis ID’s cherish their Matahogs and worship their ability to produce the elixir through the milking of their psychedelic teets:

‘oh hog elixir of warp and life,

cut through space and time like a thanatos knife,

take me forward through the worm hole,

with one more sip, space and time we fold.’

(A Cathexis ID folk mantra)

The Cathexis ID, like most other inter-dimensional creatures are likely to physically change slightly through every wormhole leap taken, this is due to the ‘fold’ and quantum rebuild. However, all creatures are able to recognise each other through ‘quantum sense’:

‘I knew you once and knew you forever,

Our cosmic connection can never sever,

through wormhole travel and quantum stride,

We maintain connection and remain side by side.’

(A Mataghog and Cathexis ID folk mantra)

Matahog elixir is drunk prior to wormhole leaps and enables all creatures to see multi-dimensionally and begin the subconscious process of folding space. Psychedelic in nature, the elixir causes positive hallucinations that also allow the elixir drinker to gain a deeper understanding of the cosmos and quantum travel.

‘so now we’ve drunk elixir, wormhole we wait,

our atoms start to stretch and disintegrate,

and at the same quantum moment they re-appear,

in some new space time nowhere near.’

(An ancient wormhole user song)

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